Wednesday, 31 January 2007

New monitor (Iiyama 22" widescreen minireview)

After working with an Iiyama 17" CRT for the last few years, I recently decided to upgrade to a TFT; something that uses a bit less power and takes up a lot less space. I've always thought highly of Iiyama as a manufacturer and decided to get their new 22" widesceen LCD.

It's a nice piece of kit.

The screen is big (obviously) and runs at a pleasant 1680x1050, which although not as high as my work laptop (1980x1600), is very comfortable to work with. It's amazing how much more desktop there is to work with...

There's not a lot else for me to say about it - colours are bright, resolution good, it's got a black casing which fits in nicely with my black Shuttle next to it. All in all, I'm pleased with this purchase and hope it'll last as long as the trusty (and yellowed) CRT.

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