Monday, 9 July 2007

Bookmark Woes

Having successfully synced my calendar, to-do list, notes and contacts so I can access them from anywhere, I turned my attention to bookmarks as the next thing to move to the cloud.

I have a small collection of bookmarks on my home PC, as well as on my work laptop. Over the weekend I took the step of merging them together into Yahoo!'s new bookmark system. This is pretty funky....

...until you try and manage them! Although sporting a slick AJAX driven UI, Yahoo Bookmarks is limited in being able to easily drag and drop bookmarks and re-arrange them. It also requires a visit to the page to access them and my common bookmarks are not sorted at the top (accessing Facebook is slower than typing into the address bar).

The Yahoo! toolbar for IE provides instant access to your bookmarks by clicking a button, but the Firefox toolbar tries to read the old bookmarks system (which wasn't very good!).

Alternatively, I could use the Google bookmarks system, but this doesn't appeal at the moment (it doesn't have the whizzy page preview that Yahoo has).

So for now, I'm opting to use the Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox that will keep a copy of the bookmarks on the cloud, while still providing the ability to manage them using the rich Firefox interface.

It's not a solved problem, but it's a good step forward.


Ti-Took said...
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Ti-Took said...

Why not use bookmark system instead? If you combine that with TIP which sync all your web browser bookmarks it will hopefully help you live truly in the Cloud.

JR said...

Thanks for the suggestion Dave. I'll have a look at it.