Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Vista: One week on

I've been using Vista now for a week and to my own surprise, I keep saying good things about it! Okay, so the problem with the Palm sync hasn't gone away (although I noticed tonight that Palm have released a beta Palm Desktop for Vista - without support for my T3!), but it's a nice working environment and definitely an improvement on XP.

Tomorrow I'll be working from home, so will get to see how Vista handles the Cisco VPN client, wireless access etc.

It looks like T will therefore be getting a Vista PC - something I might investigate on Saturday with a trip to PC World.

One of the really good things about my job is the variety. One moment I'll be testing Vista, the next I'll be hacking on a new shell script:

Things have been getting busier at work as we move towards the beta release of our product on Ingres 2006. I've been writing pages of documentation detailing the migration process and spent several hours working on a script that parses a database copy script and splits it so that tables can be copied in in parallel. Hopefully I'll get that finished tomorrow.

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