Friday, 3 August 2007

New Virtual Projects

I've got a RAM upgrade on order for my second Shuttle (currently running Solaris Express). This will give the box 2GB RAM and I'm intending to put a few servers on it using VMWare Server.

Last night I put Fedora 7 on it and was reminded that the onboard graphics chip has a signal problem that results in a slight blur. It also eats into the main RAM which is never ideal.

So I dug out my old Matrox G450 and popped it in the server.

What an amazing contrast! The picture quality of the G450 remains stunningly sharp. Although my main graphics card is fine, the G450 has perhaps a sharper screen quality. I'm not expecting the G450 to have enough power to run XGL for wobbly windows, but that's not the point of the server.

I'm hoping to run a couple of VMs - OpenSolaris or Solaris Express, as well as a hardened Linux install (CentOS 5 or Fedora 7 with SELinux enabled). The ability to host a couple of small Solaris Zones within a VM should be interesting as well and will be useful for revising the Solaris 10 upgrade exam.

Then it will be a case of seeing how much of my own stuff I can access from the cloud. Technologies such as iFolder, FreeNX and some web based IMAP client (Roundcube maybe) will be interesting.

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