Sunday, 12 August 2007

Plans for more upgrades...

Recently, the rumour sites were full of speculation that Apple were killing off the Mac Mini. This little machine offers PC users the ability to experience Mac OS X without needing to buy (and find space for) a new monitor, keyboard and mouse, and it's been on my radar for a while now.

Therefore, the news last week that Apple had upgraded the specification of the Mini was quite exciting, if only to give a bit more confidence that the machine would be around for a while longer.

Following some careful negotiations with T, I will be buying a new Mini when Leopard is released. There is no way that I would buy one now only to have to upgrade the OS in about two months! The addition of the latest iLife 08 will be good, and I'll probably pay out for iWork 08 as well. The latter being very interesting as the new Numbers application provides a new take on the spreadsheet.

There is some uncertainty over whether my Belkin Omnicube will work with it as this has PS/2 ports, and I'm not sure if a USB to PS/2 converter will do the job, so I might need to factor in a KVM upgrade as well.

I'm guessing I'll need to get an external hard disk for the Mini to get the benefit of Time Machine, perhaps something that will match the style of the Mini.

Unrelated to the Mac, I'm also looking at getting a large internal hard disk for my SK41G [Silver] Shuttle to host a number of virtual machines, which should now be possible thanks to the 2GB RAM upgrade I put in last week, as well as adding another 1GB to the SN95G5V3 [Black] Shuttle to bring it up to 2GB.

Finally, I'll be looking for a backup mechanism for the Silver Shuttle - maybe another external Firewire drives, but potentially a NAS disk of some sort. All exciting stuff really...

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