Thursday 27 December 2007

Cloud wishlist for 2008

Looking ahead, here are my Cloud-oriented wishes for 2008:

1) Gmail IMAP to come to the UK. It's still not available here!

2) Yahoo! IMAP to come online. I'd willingly pay for the Mail Plus option if it got rid of adverts and provided decent IMAP support.

3) An easy way to backup Google Docs documents. At the moment I'm reluctant to commit 100% to Google Docs as there is no easy way to backup everything. A WebDAV interface would be good, as would integration with OpenOffice (so it works a bit like Sharepoint).

4) A mobile phone platform that can handle Outlook 2007 categories well. Maybe Android, maybe the next generation iPhone, perhaps even something from Palm...?

I'm sure I'll add more as I think about it...

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