Saturday 29 March 2008

Installing Alfresco

A week ago I decided to install the Alfresco open source enterprise content management system on my CentOS VM. The basic install is very easy, comprising of creating /opt/alfresco and untarring the downloaded file into it. The demo version uses HSQL as a content repository, but this isn't recommended for production use.

I opted to change the datasource to MySQL and after setting up the database (using the script provided), I had problems starting the Alfresco installation. I then ran out of time and abandoned it.

Today I went back to the install and after doing some reading up, found that the problem was due to changing the content repository from HSQL to MySQL. As I had no content to worry about, I deleted /opt/alfresco and reinstalled. The big difference this time being that I did not start the installation before I changed the settings to MySQL.

And it works! I now need to learn how to use it, but it appears to be a very powerful piece of software. More blogging soon...

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