Sunday, 13 July 2008

The iPhone 3G: First Impressions

After a 50 minute queue at the local O2 store, and the problems of actually getting an activated iPhone, I managed to walk away with on Friday, and after a busy 24 hours, I've finally got around to setting it up and having a play.

First impressions?

This is completely unlike any mobile phone I have ever used. The iPhone is awesome!

What's there to like?

1) I can access all my mail accounts - personal IMAP server, Google Mail and Yahoo Mail.
2) Safari is completely usable and supports multiple pages being active - a real "wow" moment when I found this.
3) It has picked up my iCal calendars, including my Google Calendars.
4) The Maps GPS location is very cool.
5) The App Store makes adding applications a breeze. So far, I've only tried one (the Bible), but will have a proper hunt later
6) Predictive text with spell correction is very cool and I'm starting to get used to the virtual keyboard.

No negatives yet (although I'm sure there will be some).

Summary: Best. Phone. Ever.

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