Saturday, 11 April 2009

Upgrading to OpenSUSE 11.1

Although it's been out for a number of months (released in December), I've just taken the step of upgrading my workstation to OpenSUSE 11.1. In order to perform a clean upgrade, I decided a reinstall from scratch would be easiest, especially since my services and custom scripts are now running on the OpenSolaris server.

I finally took this opportunity to move all my documents to the server. They now benefit from having regular ZFS snapshots and get backed up to the external USB drive for added security.

Once my home area was clean and having backed up my ~/.mozilla directory, I proceeded to install from the OpenSUSE 11.1 DVD download. I had previously used the 64bit version and hit a few problems with Java and Flash, so this time I opted for a 32bit install (only got 2GB RAM so not a huge hit). All worked as expected, although the default partitioning seems a bit tight - something I've had to rectify this morning using LVM. If installing, it would be worth creating a bigger root filesystem (15GB?) (assuming you're not using multiple partitions for /usr, /var etc.)

The only thing that is bugging me slightly is the beagled indexing daemon causes the CPU fans to spin up when the machine is idle. I need to see if this is because it's doing an initial index build or if this will be permanent, in which case I might turn beagle off.

I was surprised at how easily the Compiz "wobbly windows" was to enable, especially when I remember how difficult and flakey it used to be. I have however turned it off because it's faster without the effects.

All in all, a good distribution upgrade with no major issues.

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